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Income Inequality

Today, we live in the richest country in the history of the world, but that reality means little because much of that wealth is controlled by a tiny handful of individuals.

The issue of wealth and income inequality is the great moral issue of our time, it is the great economic issue of our time, and it is the great political issue of our time.

The reality is that since the mid-1980s there has been an enormous transfer of wealth from the middle class and the poor to the wealthiest people in this country. That is the Robin Hood principle in reverse. That is unacceptable and that has got to change.  

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What can we do about it?

Here is the legislation you can can support and the steps you can do to help fight income and wealth inequality.

Guarantee Healthcare as a Human Right through improved Medicare for All including dental and vision 

Healthcare is a human right. Watch JFK's Historic Plea for Universal Healthcare and the role of the Government to provide for the General Welfare. He countered every modern day argument back in 1962. 

Make sure your representatives support Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act - Single Payer Medicare for All expanded to include Dental and Vision. Join our campaign to support National Nurses United in making Medicare for All a reality!

Demand that the wealthy and large corporations pay their fair share in taxes 

Stop corporations from shifting their profits and jobs overseas to avoid paying U.S. income taxes. Create a progressive estate tax on the top 0.3 percent of Americans who inherit more than $3.5 million. Enact a tax on Wall Street speculators who caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs, homes, and life savings. 


Make sure your representatives support:

  • Stop WALMART Act - No more CEO bonuses while employees are paid so little they rely on federal subsidies 

  • Corporate Tax Dodging Prevention Act - Working to close loopholes that allow corporations to dodge taxes 

Increasing the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 an hour by 2020

No one who works 40 hours a week should be living in poverty, Growing inequality is about to push our societies into conditions resembling pre-revolutionary France. Hear his argument about why a dramatic increase in minimum wage could grow the middle class and deliver economic prosperity.


Make sure your representatives support:

  • Raise the Wage Act - $15/hour min wage

  • Wage Theft Prevention and Wage Recovery Act 

Create jobs and rebuild infrastructure

Our infrastructure is crumbling at the same time real unemployment is through the roof, we can solve both of these issues through federal jobs programs.

Make sure your representatives support:

  • Rebuild America Act - Putting at least 13 million Americans to work by investing $1 trillion over five years towards rebuilding our crumbling roads, bridges, railways, airports, public transit systems, ports, dams, wastewater plants, and other infrastructure needs 

  • Employ Young Americans Now Act - A $5.5 billion youth jobs program to create 1 million jobs for disadvantaged young Americans 

  • Jobs and Justice Act  - This bill addresses a wide variety of domestic policy matters and focuses on economically distressed communities, opportunities for minorities and the disadvantaged, and civil rights enforcement.

See more job creation in the Green New Deal section.

Reversing trade policies like NAFTA, CAFTA, and PNTR with China

They have driven down wages and caused the loss of millions of jobs. If corporate America wants us to buy their products they need to manufacture those products in this country, not in China or other low-wage countries.

Strengthen and Expand Social Security

Much of what you have heard about Social Security is simply not true. The program is not going broke, is not hurting the budget, does not need the age pushed back and is the single most successful government program in our nations history. But we DO have a retirement problem, and there is a bill out there that can strengthen and expand Social Security by addressing Americas retirement problem. Check out the video here, Bernie explains it better than we can.

Make sure your representative has signed on to support the The Social Security Expansion Act 

Paid family and medical leave

Requiring employers to provide at least 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave; two weeks of paid vacation; and 7 days of paid sick days. Real family values are about making sure that parents have the time they need to bond with their babies and take care of their children and relatives when they get ill.

Make sure your representatives support:

FAMILY Act - While this bill doesn't go as far as the platform ask above, it does expand the current FMLA to include pay through an insurance program set up like Social Security 

Universal childcare and prekindergarten program

Every psychologist understands that the most formative years for a human being is from the ages 0-3. We have got to make sure every family in America has the opportunity to send their kids to a high quality childcare and pre-K program.

Make sure your representatives support:

Child Care for Working Families Act 

Breaking up the Banks

Bust banks and huge financial institutions so that they are no longer too big to fail. Seven years ago, the taxpayers of this country bailed out Wall Street because they were too big to fail. Yet, 3 out of the 4 largest financial institutions are 80 percent bigger today than before we bailed them out. We need to fight to get this legislation signed into law.

Make sure your representatives support:


Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Exist Act - Identify and break up financial institutions that the  Secretary of the Treasury which have grown so large that their failure would result in a taxpayer bailout to subvert economic collapse 

Support Unions

Our job is to make it easier for workers to join unions. One of the most significant reasons for the 40-year decline in the middle class is that the rights of workers to collectively bargain for better wages and benefits have been severely undermined.

Make sure your representatives support:

Employee Free Choice Act - Watch the video here to learn more