End Yemen Genocide

End our military support of civilian mass murder by Saudi Arabia


The conflict in Yemen has been raging on for nearly half a decade since Saudi Arabia, along with the help of other Gulf powers and the US and UK, intervened in the political situation of the country. The US and UK have readily supplied the Saudi forces despite clear evidence of mass civilian casualties and purposeful starvation of the Yemeni populace akin to genocide. CAPA is dedicated to pressuring lawmakers to end our arms sales to Saudi Arabia and negotiate a peaceful conclusion to the conflict. [Source]​

If we really saw war, what war does to young minds and bodies, it would be impossible to embrace the myth of war. If we had to stand over the mangled corpses of schoolchildren killed in Afghanistan and listen to the wails of their parents, we would not be able to repeat clichés we use to justify war. This is why war is carefully sanitized. This is why we are given war's perverse and dark thrill but are spared from seeing war's consequences. The mythic visions of war keep it heroic and entertaining

Chris Hedges

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Thankfully for us we do not need to lobby our Illinois House Democrats on this issue because they voted the right way on the resolution for withdraw, but there were 5 Democrats in the House that didn't and they have the blood of these innocent civilian on their hands and should be removed in 2020. Here are their names:

Please join us in working with progressives in their Districts to primary them.